I built my house a few years ago and decided to put a birdwatching station on the roof.

I knew I would need a certain kind of roofing company that could get a roofing permit and jump through all the necessary hoops to do my project. Of course I wanted the best roofing company possible, so I Googled Jacksonville beach roofers and found Monahan Roofers.

Of all the roofing companies I found, they seemed to be the best of the contractors around, and they would come out to my home and give me an estimate, explain the costs, tell me all my options, etc. Plus they have experience putting in roofs with specialty glass skylights, which I wanted.

I had them come out before the house was built (obviously). I was acting as my own general contractor. I met with them early on in the house-building process, when the plans were being drawn up.

roofing I knew I wanted a viewing area on top of the roof, and I envisioned a round room completely encircled with glass windows, and with the whole top of the room being skylights. So you could stand in that roof-top room and have a 360-degree view plus a full overhead view too.

I needed a roofer that could pull that off, and when I met with Monahan Roofers, they gave me confidence that they could do what I needed.

It has been several years now since I had the house built, and I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially the bird-watching room on top of the roof.

I spend a lot of time up there. All of the windows that wrap around the room can be opened, and most of the skylight panes open, too. So when all the windows are open, it means I can hear the bird calls outside.

I love that.

Word has gotten out about my roof-top room. It’s not like I was trying to keep it a secret. And anyone who walks past my house can see the room on top of the roof. It’s pretty unique looking—kind of like an observatory plopped on top of your average house.

birdwatchingAnyhow, I’m starting to get calls from people wondering if they can drop by and use the room for birdwatching. Not like giant groups, just the occasional person here and there.

I did get a call from an elementary school teacher, wondering if she could bring her class over and how many could that room hold, by the way? I told her it could comfortably accommodate up to eight people and that her class was welcome to visit in shifts.

So over the course of a week, she came on four days, bringing a group of eight kids per day. I don’t know what she did with the other 21 kids while she was at my house with the eight.

But anyway, it has been fun to share my birdwatching room. I have some avid birdwatchers who come a couple of times a week. It could get a bit annoying, but I’m not letting it become that.

It’s fun to see people with the same passion as I have.

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