I took the trip of a lifetime a month ago. I found a bird-watching tour that went to Bali for a week, and I signed up for it and went.

bird sanctuaryThe whole thing was an amazing experience. I flew across the country and met up with the group in Los Angeles, and then we all flew together from there. It was an endless trip. Flew first to Hawaii, and then to Japan, and then to Jakarta, and then to Bali.

I lost track of the hours we were traveling. It basically added up to two days, including layovers. The two travel days bookended the week in Bali.

Our first night in Bali was in the main town that all the tourists end up in, and then we took a puddle-jumper to a remote part of the island where we stayed in an eco-resort for three days. After that we went by canoe to some outer islands off the coast of Bali for another three days.

Our lodging during that segment was pretty primitive but fabulous regardless.

Our last day was back in the main town. We visited a bird sanctuary on that day and also had some tourist/shopping time.

The days that we spent away from the main town were the best ones, of course, since we were out in remote locations without people around.

Birds of paradise were the birds that I was most looking forward to seeing because they’re unique to that part of the world and I had never seen or heard anything else like them. I had only ever seen them in documentaries.

bed and breakfastHow we spent the days at the eco resort was that we had breakfast together and then our guide gave us a run-down of what we’d likely see, and the best places we’d see the birds. And then he took us out in a Jeep (several Jeeps, actually, with different drivers) and dropped us off at different places in the jungle.

He left us for several hours, then came back and brought us lunch and cold drinks and took us to a different spot for the next several hours. Then he collected all of us and took us to a location where dinner had been provided, and after we had dinner, then we had a night session.

Obviously for the night session we couldn’t see the birds, but there are some that only call at night, so we just listened for them. It was a different kind of experience because it was all dark and we were just relying on our hearing.

The night sounds in the jungle were surprisingly loud, and it was often hard to tell what all we were hearing, and what was the birds and what was something else.

But it was great, just because it was such a different experience listening to bird calls at night instead of during the day.

During that week in the remote locations, I saw a ton of birds of paradise. I was so excited about that. I also took some pictures.

So that was my trip. Fantastic. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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